IRS Representation

IRS Representation Equals Peace of Mind
Thomas McNulty offers comprehensive IRS and State Tax agency representation for you and your business. We will manage, negotiate and settle any claims, audits, payments, or debt you may have against the Internal Revenue Service. By having our firm represent you, we can mitigate your professional and personal exposure to aggressive IRS actions.  We can help protect you and  your assets. Furthermore, Thomas McNulty can negotiate reduction in penalties and excessive interest charges.
Thomas McNulty representation services include:
  • File back tax returns for multiple years
  • Re-negotiate a monthly payment plan
  • Stop a wage garnishment or bank levy
  • Obtain relief from a spouse’s tax debt
  • Settle or contest an existing tax liability
  • Representation for a tax audit
  • Payroll Audit Representation
  • Release or withdraw a tax lien
  • Reduce or eliminate tax penalties
  • Representation for Tax Delinquencies and Deficiencies
  • Minimize liability from unpaid payroll tax